Top Reasons To Stay Fit In 2016

The New Year has just begun and many people who made resolutions last year never keep them. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a healthier lifestyle. Exercising and losing weight is part of a healthy lifestyle and has many benefits. And it’s not just about losing weight. A healthy lifestyle and eating healthy has other benefits besides weight loss. Here are some of the best reasons to lead a healthier lifestyle for 2016.

Improve Memory

We bet you didn’t know that exercise and keeping fit can help improve memory. If you’ve worked out before you’ve probably noticed that you’re thinking more clearly. This is because exercise increases blood flow to the brain. There are also studies regarding exercise boosting memory and help you learn better. Just don’t overdo it before an exam since exercise will make you tired.

Boost Confidence

Exercise and workout can helps improve appearance making you look better boosting your self-confidence. Even if you don’t see results immediately keeping at it will make you feel accomplished especially if you use equipment like these ellipticals available at strong plus fit.


Stress can clutter the mind and wreak havoc on your thoughts. Exercise on the other hand is a healthy and affordable way to de-stress and alleviate these dark thoughts. Enzymes called endorphins are released during exercise making you feel good an put you in a better mood.

Better Sleep

If you have problems catching Z’s at night, exercising in the morning can help you fall asleep faster. Even just a 40-minute session in a rowing machine will reduce the time it will take for you to fall asleep.

Boost Immunity

Increased blood flow caused by exercise can help boost immunity. Nobody likes getting colds, cough or both and hitting the jogging path or the gym can help you avoid these diseases.

Become Happier

This is courtesy another effect courtesy of those endorphins. Not only are they called the “feel good” hormones because of the feeling of well being you get after you exercise but they are also responsible for you feeling happier.

Better Sex

We bet this article has your attention now. According to studies, exercise and keeping fit can boost arousal and help curb erectile dysfunction in men. This is due to the improvement in blood circulation. How’s that for fitspiration?

More Energy

While it is true that exercise can drain your energy, working out regularly can help boost stamina making you feel energized. Studies show that people who squeeze in some exercise during the day feel more alert and energized during the afternoon.

Better Posture

If you’re a sloucher, hitting the gym regularly can help correct this problem. Exercising helps you use your back muscles more efficiently helping you correct that slouch. Exercising regularly with the use of adjustable dumbbells for example can help tone back, stomach and trunk muscles to improve posture.

Live Longer

We all know the old adage “health is wealth” and being healthy involves exercising regularly. Studies show that exercising can help extend lifespan as much as quitting smoking. Many studies suggest that sitting all day can kill, what better way to stave off the reaper for a while than exercising?

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Would You Live In A Church?

Would You Live In A Church?

The majority of people are at least at one point of their lives at the lookout for a perfect house which they will be able to call their home. While there are all sorts of people with all sorts of taste, there is one question which still remains unanswered – would you live in a macabre Gothic church? 

Well, the reason why the subject is even brought up (since it is virtually impossible to come up with such a scenario on your very own from the blue) is the fact that recently a very macabre, gothic church has been put on sale as a perfect property for anyone who would like to live in their very own church which has been properly restored and that even has its very own graveyard.

Lincolnshire village

The property in question is found in the small Lincolnshire village of Cold Hanworth, north-east of Lincoln. The converted church house can be bought for a small price of only £450,000, but did we mention you get a graveyard with it? 

Also, the church-house has been carefully restored in order to resemble its original Gothic tradition as much as possible. The church has therefore kept the original glass windows church tower and of course you get the altar, too! As for the graveyard, the mourners would not be molesting you, since it has been long since the last burials took place here.

The property also has the original church atrium, the cast-iron gates and three-bedrooms to which you are led by a staircase. Also, the sleeping quarters are absolutely exquisite as they include exposed brick and some impressive beam work. The kitchen area has the original flooring which is rather impressive. The property also includes a cloakroom, a breakfast room and a reception hall.

This impressive and carefully restored property has attracted many viewers, since it truly is a beautiful and unique home, still, estate agents believe that even serious buyers are somewhat put off by the gravestones, which is rather understandable.

While some people might find it freaky, strange and even scary to live in a home with its very own altar and graveyard, the amazing restoration even makes the Gothic church-house look pretty darn sweet!

If, you have always dreamed of living in a Gothic church now you can fulfill your dream! This tiny church really has it all and it truly is a unique property with lovely features. This house may be a perfect place for someone to call their home and we must agree to the fact that this unusual property is definitely unique and quite astonishing.

However, the property is not affordable, since the price is almost half a million pounds. Still, this property is has a uniqueness about it which is not easily forgotten, and therefore it is perhaps worth the price had there been a person who would spend such money on it in order to live in a cute, restored Gothic, perhaps even a bit macabre church.

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